Hiii my name is Izzie I'm from Croatia, and I love Manchester United, Real Madrid and BVB Dortmund... I also love Paramore, 5sos, The Vamps...


I would just talk about unbelievable memories, great times, great matches. I’ve made so many great friends along the way as well. I suppose players spending that amount of time at a Club doesn’t happen as often now but I can truly say I’ve loved every minute.

Michael Dawson (on what he would tell his grandchildren about his time at Spurs)

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Watch behind the scenes footage of Fences’ new music video for Arrows ft. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis! 

He make mistakes tells stories to his paintbrush and when the world finally sees his art he wishes that he never would have made it

Macklemore (via sabi-faithful)

Don’t die here. Don’t die here. I came too far. I’m too great. But I’m too scared. I’m too afraid to stare this world into it’s face.

Ben Haggerty (via boonevalenta)

Arrows - behind the scenes (1/2)

Photos by Clara Pathé


Fences, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis all on one track. What’s not to love? Listen to Arrows.